I have found that woman tend to hit barriers in these 3 vital areas of life:

Growing up, women are not taught about money or encouraged to have a successful career and earn what we are worth. Women learn to play it safe and that to be accepted and respected you must look a certain way and that you have to put others needs and dreams before your own. 


Society further convinces women that at some stage we have to choose between having a happy family life or a successful career and that you can't have both. 

You can let go of any beliefs you may have inherited growing up that don't support you today. You can feel great, confident and comfortable in your own skin and be happy with the way you look. You can earn what you are worth doing something you love and you can love who you are and your life. 


Balancing your personal and professional life can be done with grace and ease; it really is all about your mindset and what you believe to be true!




Work with me from the comfort of your home or office on-line via Skype or on-site in Kloof, Durban

FULL PRICE : R 6295 or 3 Instalments of R 2265


This program is a deeply personal and profound insight into how you currently think, feel and talk about yourself and how this may be negatively impacting your life, relationships, work, success and happiness today. As a qualified and practising Kinesiologist I will help you successfully peel back the layers of negativity, self doubt, thoughts of “I am not good enough” and self-condemnation. It’s time to unlock the secrets to personal strength, self-confidence, self love, success and happiness by positively shifting your perception of who you are and raising your self worth.

I will teach you how to love yourself and to fall in love with your life again enabling you to live your life to the fullest, reach your full potential and be happy.

FULL PRICE : R 6295 or 3 Instalments of R 2265


Do you want to see your finances in a completely new light? I will help you to let go of unhealthy, negative money associations, thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you and to bring in new ideas and supportive ways of managing your money. The work we will cover uses my Kinesiology principals which will swiftly shift you into a more positive thought process, attitude and mindset towards money, enabling you to attract the abundance and success you desire.


Gain the strength and courage to follow through with your goals and career choices and make sounder, wiser decisions when it comes to your money.



FULL PRICE : R 6295 or 3 Instalments of R 2265

How amazing would it be for you to stop worrying about your weight? To stop obsessing about what you can and can’t eat and to let go of restrictive idea’s, and the guilty feelings that come with this. I will help you, with the help of my Kinesiology tools, to uncover where your weight imbalance started and unlock and shift the emotional and mental thought patterns that may be holding you back from being comfortable and confident in your own skin. The AHA moments throughout will be key turning points for you to move forward with the motivation to be a happier, healthier, lighter you. 


Make a fundamental change when it comes to you, your body and your weight by bringing in a healthy balance to your over health and well-being.

Jude Foulston : Digital Director

Durban, South Africa

"What a privilege to have Debra guide me through her Money Matters programme! For the first time in my 40 years I'm feeling confident and equipped with both the tools and more importantly, the mindset to embrace my money matters and not run away from anything financial. It's been an empowering 4 weeks and the results are overwhelming. It's amazing how money matters impact so much more than just one's bank statement and going through this course has helped me in so many areas of my life, the bank balance being just one of them! Small steps resulting in big changes and knowing that together with the kinesiology that backs this amazing process up, I've truly been given a new opportunity to set myself up for success!"

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Cecile van Aswegen: Copywriter

Johannesburg, South Africa

"When a friend approached me about joining Debra’s program - I was somewhere between very sceptical and very desperate. My weight had been a big problem for quite some time, yet I wasn’t sure that anyone could really help me. I decided to take the plunge anyway - and I am so glad I did. Debra opened my eyes to a big issue in my life - which directly affected my weight. It was quite a breakthrough. Knowing this truth, I am able to work on weight management in a much more realistic way. I now see my body as something sacred, and not just a target for bad thoughts. Debra allowed me to delve into my own thoughts and actions and come up with some truths I had been avoiding. She even gave me practical tips on how to bring about positive thoughts when I was at home or work. I am forever grateful that I attended the program and got to meet Debra. My life has been better for it."  

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