Hi, my name is Debra, it’s a privilege to have you pop over to my website. Writing about myself has always been quite difficult for me to do. I could take the easy option of outlining my CV by highlighting all my achievements and qualifications but rather, I thought I’d share my story so that you can get to know me better. 


My friends will tell you that I am a kind, happy, positive and highly motivated individual who just loves a challenge. My work is my passion; to teach, inspire and uplift others. It truly makes me happy to see the clients I work with move from feeling stuck and wishing things were different; to actually loving themselves and their lives again. To believing in themselves, to know they are enough and to equipping them with the tools to achieve their personal dreams and desires. 


When I am not working I love being in nature, keeping fit, travelling and spending quality time with the important people in my life and my two gorgeous German Shepherds.


I started my wellness career in the fitness industry, which took me to East Africa in the year 2000. Living in East Africa for 13 years was definitely an eye opener and a key chapter in my life. I faced plenty of ups and downs, laughed a lot, cried a lot, and have many memorable moments.

My own personal healing journey began sometime in 2009. I was feeling lost, alone and confused, and due to an overload of emotional pain I had literally shut down. I had no idea what I wanted anymore nor how to change my situation or fix it. The big question that was plaguing me at this time was actually quite simple and it was this very question that kicked off my first kinesiology session.


At my first appointment, I was asked "What do you want?" I am guessing I must have felt a bit irritated as this exact question is why I had booked the session to begin with, as I didn't know. Finally I blurted out “I want to be happy”…  


At this point all I knew was that I wasn’t happy anymore, and that something needed to change, as I was miserable and stuck in pain. I still, as clear as day, can hear the Kinesiologist saying “Ok, that’s great but what does happy mean?” … well … hmmm … I had no clue what happiness meant to me nor what it needed to look like at that point … so I just repeated “I just want to be happy”. The Kinesiologist wouldn’t move past her last question until she had an answer from me. She must have stared at me for what felt like hours but was probably more like 10 minutes, which is still quite long, until I was able to fumble some teeny morsel out (in between tears) of what I thought happy meant to me… 


And this is where my new journey to happiness started. 


I say, “new journey to happiness” as I was really happy for many years before that; but life circumstances far beyond my control; were negatively impacting me on a very deep level; bringing me to a massive turning point in my life which I needed to navigate through in order to thrive and be happy again. This meant I had to choose “me”.


At that time I would never have thought that “unhappiness” and the introduction to Kinesiology would positively change my life and catapult me into a career that I just love and am so deeply passionate about. 


Today I can say that there is zero fumbling around about what happiness means or looks like for me. It has been a journey where I have learnt so much that I could easily write a book on what happiness is and how to rebuild your life so that you honestly love it!


I have so many “Life Tools” to teach and share with those who choose to work with me, and I know they work as I am proof of this. This has been my motivating force to now evolve the way in which I work; using my kinesiology principals and concepts and other life tools, I am really excited about stepping into a new space to help and teach women to thrive, to love themselves and their lives through my mindset programs.

Everything I have done in my life has lead me to finding my purpose, or maybe it found me? I really do love teaching other people to be truly happy within themselves, so that they can live happier and healthier lives. I really believe that this is something we all deserve and are worthy of.  


My work has changed my life in the most magical ways, I am quite sure it can change yours too.... 

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